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The FNDC calls for the union of all forces to adopt a new roadmap to fight the illegal and illegitimate mandate of Alpha Condé


The Constitutional Court tailored to the image of all other institutions in the country, rendered without surprise, Saturday, November 7, 2020, its decision, which is the validation of the civil coup perpetrated in Guinea through an electoral formality without stake.

The people of Guinea fought under the leadership of the FNDC for 18 months with all those concerned about the entrenchment of democracy and the rule of law in Guinea to prevent the tampering of the constitution by Alpha Condé and ensure a political changeover. Alpha, with the support of his clans, carried out his project at the price of heavy sacrifices made by the people of Guinea with about a hundred deaths under the bullets of the Defense Forces, arbitrary arrests, kidnappings and imprisonments.

Thus, Alpha CONDÉ granted himself his third mandate without honor, one mandate too many that now imposes authoritarianism and dictatorship as a political regime in Guinea and this, against the aspirations of our people and against the tide of the evolution of the world.

This new context makes the FNDC’s fight for democracy and the rule of law in Guinea more imperative in order to put an end to the current institutional decline, arbitrariness, impunity and the looting of the country’s wealth. The FNDC is more determined than ever to continue its fight against the rogue, the illegal and illegitimate mandate of Alpha Condé.

The FNDC salutes the commitment of the People of Guinea, thanks the civil societies of Africa and Europe who are mobilizing massively on our side to advocate for the respect of the rule of law and the end of repression. It also thanks the political actors in Africa, Europe and the United States who support the struggle of the Guineans.

With the support of the People, the FNDC will use all legal means to put an end to this authoritarian system and calls:

❖ Guineans at home and in the Diaspora to remain mobilized in order to keep the torch of hope burning higher and higher.

❖ The social and political actors to have a patriotic outburst aimed at transcending all forms of cleavage and join forces to confront the serious totalitarian drift that Guinea is currently experiencing.

❖ Citizen movements in the subregion to join hands against the tendency to confiscate democracy in our countries and to bring about the necessary reforms to strengthen the rule of law in the ECOWAS area.

❖ ECOWAS to take into account the aspirations of the people for change and democracy, which are often denied by the current authorities.

The FNDC is calmly assessing the new context to define a new roadmap for the political changeover and the anchoring of a democratic culture in Guinea.

Together, united and in solidarity, we will win !

Conakry, November 10, 2020.

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